Experimental Methods I and II

  • Description of the course:

    The primary objective of this class is to train students to experimental design and methods. The class is organized as a lab meeting. Each week, we will discuss the ongoing projects in the LABEL group. Given those projects are at different stages, a meeting may involve formal presentations of existing literature or completed projects, informal discussions about ongoing specific issues related to projects, or general issues about our equipment, software etc. Occasionally, external speakers will give talks.
    ECON 616, together with ECON 620aL and ECON 620bL are designed to offer a broad coverage of the literature in Experimental Economics as well as the methods used in the field. ECON 616 focuses on the presentation of the concepts and is organized around lectures in which research papers are discussed. Students are required to fully participate in those lectures. ECON 620aL and ECON 620bL are practical classes featuring research from the LABEL group to illustrate how projects are designed and conducted.

  • Date and Time: M 1-3:50pm

  • Location: KAP 335

  • Syllabus

ECON 620