Other Publications

  1. "Neuroeconomic Theory: Using Neuroscience to Understand the Bounds of Rationality'', with J. Carrillo, 2010, VoxEU.org.

  2. "A Study of Speculation: Do Economic Players Choose Based on Accurate Predictions of Others Decisions'', with C.F. Camerer, J. Carrillo and S.W. Wang, 2010, Research Brief, LUSK Center for Real Estate, USC. PDF

  3. "FCC Media Study No. 9: A Theoretical Analysis of the Impact of Local Market Structure on the Range of Viewpoints Supplied'', with J. Carrillo and S. Wilkie, 2011, FCC. PDF

  4. Disciplining behavioral theories through brain-based models of decision-making'', with J. Carrillo, in P.H. Crowley and T.R. Zentall eds, Comparative Decision Making, 2013, Oxford University Press.

Discussion Papers

  1. "Value computation and value modulation: a dual-process theory of self-control", with J. Carrillo. PDF

  2. "Skewness Seeking in a Dynamic Portfolio Choice Experiment", with J. Carrillo, A. Giga and F. Zapatero.PDF

  3. "Value-Based Decision-Making: A New Developmental Paradigm" with J. Carrillo, D. Combs and N. Kodaverdian PDF

  4. "Altruism and Strategic giving in children and adolescents", with J. Carrillo and N. Kodaverdian. PDF

  5. ''Social Strategic Ignorance in Children and Adults: Altruism and Selfishness'', with J. Carrillo.PDF

Work in progress

  1. ''The development of rational thinking from Kindergarten to adulthood'', with J. Carrillo.

  2. ''The development of coordination strategies children and adolescents'', with J. Carrillo.

  3. ''Learning to play mixed strategies'', with J. Carrillo.

  4. ''Pressure, cognitive load and decision-making'', with R. Alonso and J. Carrillo.

  5. ''Bundling Options in Value-Based Decision-Making: Attention, Calculation, and Working Memory", with D. Combs, J. Melrose, J. Monterosso, N. Kodaverdian and J. Carrillo.

  6. ''Contracting without participation constraint".

  7. ''A neuroeconomic study of choice consistency in aging'', with J. Carrillo, M. Mather, J. Melrose, J. Monterosso and K. Zyuzin.

  8. ''The development of deceptive behavior in mixed strategy games'', with J. Carrillo.

  9. ''Shaming as an incentive mechanism against stealing", with J. Carrillo and M. Montgomery.

  10. ''Public goods: the benefits of exclusion", with J. Lu.

  11. "Sales and prices in the housing market'', with Y. Kim.

  12. "Mechanism design with many instruments".