I believe that sharing scientific knowledge is key to improve life outcomes, reduce inequality and make our world a better place. I believe that every human being has a right to education and a duty to bring scientific knowledge before self-serving opinions.

There is converging evidence that our behavior has a biological basis. This means that our genes and our physiology are shaping what we like, what we decide every day, and how we react to outcomes. This knowledge is critical not only to understand and predict what we do but also to design environments that promote beneficial behavior for all. 

The programs below are designed to disseminate this knowledge among students, parents, teachers and the broader community. 


Several classes are offered yearly to USC MA and PhD students who wish to learn about Behavioral Economics and Experimental Economics.

LABEL TRAINING & Visitor Program

It is offered by LABEL to non-USC students (from 10th grade to PhD level) who wish to learn about experimental and theoretical methods that are used around decision-making. Students may apply to come and visit for a semester or a year, or to work remotely with LABEL.

Little Experimentalists Program

The program, created in 2013, is offered to schools who partner with LABEL to study Developmental Behavioral Economics. It provides hands on research activities, field trips and classes for students as well as seminars for parents and teachers.