REPORTS  and OTHER communications

Short articles

  • “Disciplining behavioral theories through brain-based models of decision-making”, with J. Carrillo, in P.H. Crowley and T.R. Zentall eds, Comparative Decision Making, 2013, Oxford University Press. PDF
  •  “A Theoretical Analysis of the Impact of Local Market Structure on the Range of Viewpoints Supplied”, with J. Carrillo and S. Wilkie, 2011, FCC Media Study No. 9. PDF
  • “A Study of Speculation: Do Economic Players Choose Based on Accurate Predictions of Others Decisions”, with C.F. Camerer, J. Carrillo and S.W. Wang, 2010, Research Brief, LUSK Center for Real Estate, USC. PDF


  • “Beer, doughnuts and a $1 million lottery — how vaccine incentives and other behavioral tools can help reach herd immunity”, I. Brocas, May 18, 2021, The Conversation.
  •  “What does it mean to choose rationally?”, with J. Carrillo, 2020, Frontiers for Young Minds. PDF
  • “Strategic thinking in children and adolescents is determined by underlying network abilities”, with J. Carrillo, 2017,
  • “Neuroeconomic Theory: Using Neuroscience to Understand the Bounds of Rationality”, with J. Carrillo, 2010,
  • How to use interdisciplinary work to inform our understanding of decision-making.  Listen on YouTube, Nature and Nurture Podcast.


LABEL reports address a large range of questions pertaining to behavioral economics and experimental methods.